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My personal taste in fashion has always been laid back: flats, shorts, loose shirts, name it. I can walk around the mall with just a pair of tattered shorts and flip flops. This fashion statement of mine–if you consider it as one–has been well supported by the fact that I am working from home, and therefore, there's no need for me to fret about what outfit to pull off every single day. I could live with my flip flops forever, I told myself. But just recently, I have signed-up to become an official member of the Davao Bloggers community. Being part of this organization, I am given the privilege to attend several events, and I am pretty sure wearing rubber soles at a say, press conference, would only make me the butt of joke. I wouldn’t want to be branded as the “island girl lost in the city”, in a casual event, matter-of-factly.  So I’ll take this new endeavour as an eminent sign to finally update my wardrobe, once and for all. Enter Zalora.

Move over, laid back girl. You badly need a makeover! 
Now, let’s see how Zalora could help redeem the “journalist” in me (Oh yes there is, believe it or not)

Hang Ten Ladies Skinny Jeans

The basic. Too basic? Well, if I’m going to attend events where dress codes are as hazy as the morning fog, I will surely grab the most decent (and safe) pair of jeans I have in my closet. This black pair of skinny jeans from Hang Ten is fool-proof; you can’t go wrong with it. Pair it with flats for a casual event, or take it down the runway with a pair of stunning heels for an evening gathering. All set.

Space Myles SL Dress

The little Black Dress. Every girl should have at least one black dress in her closet. Cliché have it, but you know it’s true, right? This piece of garment always comes handy in any given situation. Depending on what event calls, you can just simply pile up your accessories, throw in a blazer if you’d like, cap it off with a gorgeous pair of shoes, and you’re good to go. The ensembles you can think of with this plain but dainty black dress are endless.

Alberto Wedge Sandals

I have enough black already, so let me breathe some fresh air with these nude wedge sandals from Alberto. Nude colors make your feet look pretty and I can tell that because I’ve been an abusive user of tans and beige nail lacquers whenever I get my toe nails done. They make my feet look fresh and dainty. Also, wedges are your best friend if you’re covering an event. They make you look prim and proper without compromising comfort.

Bonita Top Stitch Shoulder Bag

It's THE bag. I’m the type of person who can’t be satisfied with narrow, flip top bags (read: satchels). I just can’t do with it simply because I bring a lot of stuff with me. If only I can shove my room inside my bag, I would've done it already. This Bonita top stitch shoulder bag is love at first sight, as it screams “JULZ”. It’s spacious enough to carry all the things I need, especially when I need to bring “media weapons” such as journal, recorder, or laptop. Plus, you can use it in multiple ways – handbag, shoulder bag, sling bag – how convenient.

Ray Ban Craft Aviators

Please excuse this final piece on my wishlist. Most events don't require sitting under the scourging heat of the sun, but I threw this in my bucket list plainly because, owning a Ray Ban shades has always been part of the things-I-need-to-buy-before-I-die. But hey, you'll never know when you'll need your sunnies in the middle of an event, right? Ray Ban shades are ancient, and they remain at the top of the game simply because of their fashionable style and good quality. Who am I to say no?

And that’s it. I chose earth colors for my alter ego. If you are to attend an event as part of the press, you wouldn't want walking around like a cupcake, would you? Well, yeah, it's okay to experiment. But I'm on the defensive side here, all because I'm a fashion newbie. HAH!

"This post is my official entry to the Nuffnang "My Zalora Wishlist" Contest.

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  1. goodluck!! i also made my zalora wishlist :P hope we both win :)

    1. Thanks! Goodluck to you as well. =)

  2. Bongga ang rayban! =)

    I haven't finished my zalora wishlist post yet, it's near deadline na. Hahaha!

    1. Todo na sa Ray Ban! Wish lang naman eh..hahhaa

  3. If I had a 6th pick, I'd go for versatile jeans too.

    1. Oh there's so many things I still want for this list. It was real torure narrowing down the choices to FIVE!


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